A letter from a labour at Kfine International Garment (Myanmar)


Bago Kfine violates the rights of pregnant workers. Workers are not paid annuities, and the official of the labour office told them not to speak out. The labour office official breaches the ethics by revealing the name of the complainant to the factory.

#Letter From worker section (Uncut according to the sender's original dictation)

Labours from Kfine International Garment (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd. Factory at Bago city bypass road are forced to work in violation of EC Treaty.

  • No annuities

In other factories, the annual salary, which is the right of the employees, is calculated once for a full year and the following month. Even they resigned, the factory informed them by phone to come and take the annuity.

In our Kfine factory, we do not issue pensions after completing one year of employment. Another is that it is only issued twice a year in April and October but not during the interval period even we resigned.

  • Labour office officials who bleach ethics

We complained about it when the labour office came to inspect it. The officers from the labour office said that annuity issue doesn’t count in their inspection, so they warned us not to tell anything. When the officials gone back, the HR Manager called us and scolded us. And because of this issue, they scolded us every day until the end of the month, so that I had to quit my job.

  • Force pregnant women to quit their jobs

Even now, pregnant women are forced to submit resignation letters. Even though they paid social security fee for a year, they were forced to quit. Pregnant women are not allowed to leave work early, but Burmese-Chinese interpreters do leave ten minutes early for lunch. And leave early at the evening and aboard the ferry. The interpreter who abroad the seats in the ferry is a homosexual man and always brings a pillow with their and sleeps alone in the two people seat wherever they get to leave in advanced. They did not ask female to sit next to them but males. Pregnant women are always given a seat by the young girls sitting at the back of the ferry.  

  • Factory interpreters who break factory rules

Burmese-Chinese interpreters eat snacks in the machine line, use smart phone all the time, flirting with girls in every cavity, perverting the girls whom they could, bring snacks for them, hug and touch them during working hours.

  • Discrimination of all supers

Cavity all super Daw Zin Mar Myint said to me, "You know that our factory does not accept gravid," and forced me to quit immediately.

All Super Jue Myat Naing always swear. She sycophantic with the Chinese woman in the line and become an A Super without any skills. She swears to the employees under her all the time. She doesn’t to know nothing if we ask her. But in front of the Chinese, she scolds and swears in a way that she knows everything. Every time she swears, she highlights with the thing under her dress.  

  • Forcing to substitute Sundays for the Tha Din Gyut Holidays

The coming weekend is set as 5 days off for Tha Din Gyut but we were asked to substitute on Sundays. When we asked if they would pay 5,600 MMK for those days, they said “No, its just a substitution”. Our factory has 1,800 employees and 200 day laborers, a total of 2,000 labours. 

  • Forced to ride small ferry and give seats priority to the all super

70 employees have to take a single ferry. No response from the HR for reporting this. All super Daw Sander Win said “Work if you can or leave” when we reported to her. She said to come with our own car if we feel it is tight. They, the higher ranks always make sure a seat to be left for them but pregnant women were to stand up.

There are two shifts in the factory right now. One group who came 16:00 and one who came 7:00. We the one who came 7:00 never got to arrive without missing a single bus stop. They forced us to take a single bus with 80/90 people. 

  • European brand manufacturing factory

The factory has about 20 cavities and mainly manufacturing Best Seller Brand, Only Brand, and ZARA Brand. 

  • Bribery between factory and labor office officials 

If the officers from the labor office come, the leaders teach us the forms to answer in advance. The officials didn’t take any action even if we answer the truth while having a chance. The officers in the office took what was given to them by the factory and went back. The officials from the government office returned as soon as the Chinese people gave them money. If this continues, the exploitation upon us were continued to be occurred too.

(This letter was sent to Myanmar Labor News by the Kfine factory labours via Mail. The labours said that some of them were fired on unsubstantiated allegations that there were violations in the Kfine factory. laboural officials often come to inspect due to the violations, but nothing has changed but only some labours are always fired.)

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