Release of Annual Brief Report: Increase in Labor Rights Violations


Myanmar Labour News released its second brief report about the labor rights violations which were reported on its related social media platforms such as Facebook, website, and application. Myanmar Labour News published its first annual report in 2022 which recorded 164 cases of labor rights abuse, this second annual report recorded 455 cases, which means there are three times increases in labour rights violations than the previous year. 

In 2022, we reported 124 factories that violated labor rights and 164 cases regarding that and in 2023, 166 factories were involved in 435 cases which demonstrates the rise of labor rights abuses. According to our data, labor rights violations in the country have increased three times. The labor rights abuse news reported by Myanmar Labour News may not cover every labor rights abuse in the country, therefore, there could be many other cases that we couldn’t address. 
Myanmar Labor News was established in 2019 to reveal the voice of workers and to expose the violation of human rights and labor rights. In this report, the Myanmar Labour Society analyzed labor rights for 2023. 
The purpose
 The news reported by Myanmar Labor News in 2023 was compiled as an analysis report of labor rights violations and abuses. The analysis of labor violations aimed to report the results of labor rights violations and hence, the relevant ministries and legislators to enact fair and equal laws. It is also intended to be read and used by investors in Myanmar, entrepreneurs, workers, those working on labor affairs, trade unions, and supervisors at all levels in the workplace and to assist in solving labor rights violations. To cooperate or provide support for the Myanmar Labor Society or to get more details on the summary reports, please contact -

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